How to purchase sex toys discretely in India

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sex toys india

Sex toys are something that was always considered for women only. A wide range of sex toys is available for women, but when it comes to men, sex toys always have been a topic of taboo. In the country like India where even talking about sex is considered a taboo, purchasing it is a different level game. In foreign countries it might be common to purchase such items by directly going to the stores and browsing through it as if it is any general item, in India, such things cannot be done. Neither are there any shops of it in any of the cities in the open market. Moreover, it has been the general conception that sex toys are a thing for the women only.

sex toys india

Now the market for the sex toys has turned out to be highly profitable, and with the introduction of online retailers, it has extremely easier for the people to purchase them by the comfort of sitting at their home.

Where to buy sex toys for men?

Times are clearly changing, and now people are becoming more comfortable to open up about the informal topics and discuss the sex issues, sex lives, consult physicians if there are any issues persisting amongst the couples. If one wants to purchase the Sex toys for Men in India, then the best bet is to purchase it online. By purchasing it online, it gives privacy as well as the discretion of purchasing sex toys. It is not something about which one will go around the block and keep on telling everyone about the purchase made. Not everyone feels confident enough to go out and purchase such items in the open, and hence for the people who feel shy about such things, online shopping is a big boost.

Is selling/purchasing sex toys in India is becoming a trend?

In India, despite moving ahead with the modernization and taking influence from the western culture, still, people are not completely free about the discussing of intimate topics, sex life, sex toys, etc. Hence if one is looking to spice up the sex life with the partner in bed or for the sole purpose of self-pleasure, then buying sex toys online is the best way to go. There are plenty of websites through which one can order sex toys and even the payment can be done online only. Moreover, it will get delivered with such packing that to outsiders it will feel as if it is just another item ordered online. 

Can you buy sex toys in India offline?

Unlike the US, you will not find many sex toys physical shops here. However, there are a few shops in Delhi. But from what I have noticed, people prefer buying online as it is completely discreet.

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